Accreditation number : PCB811-23

Accreditation Status:  ACTIVE

Company Name: Celiraz International LTD  (Estilad Academy)

Location: Spetson street 7, Prodromos, 6018, Larnaca-Cyprus

Accreditation NO:     PCB811-23

Standard: Is accredited in accordance with International Standards and has met the requirements of

IQMS Accreditation Criteria for Personnel Certification and has demonstrated compliance with

ISO/IEC Standard 17024:2012

Personnel Certification Bodies

Issue Date: 21 / Oct / 2023

Expiry Date 20 / Oct / 2025

IQS 17024 – Celiraz International – Estilad Academy

scope of Celiraz International – Estilad Academy

Estilad Academy  PCB811-23